National Flag Day in Argentina – June 20, 2022

National Flag Day in Argentina is celebrated annually on June 20. Argentinians celebrate ‘el Día de la Bandera Nacional’ (National Flag Day) and mourn the death of its designer, General Manuel Belgrano. He was one of the most important independence leaders and is credited with the design of the Argentine flag. He came up with the design in the location that is now occupied by the city of Rosario. He sadly passed away on June 20, 1820. On this day, let’s celebrate the origins of the flag and the man who designed it.

History of National Flag Day in Argentina

The Argentinian flag was adopted in 1812 and remains in use today. It is a triband consisting of three horizontal bands of light blue, white, and light blue, each of which is equally wide. The Sun of May was added to the center of the design in 1818.

The flag depicting a sun has been designated as the official ceremonial flag. The version of the flag that does not have the sun is known as the ornamental flag. Even though both forms have the potential to be considered the national flag, the ornamental version must be flown below the official ceremony flag whenever it is flown. During the War of Independence for Argentina, Belgrano was in command of the combat that was taking place close to Rosario. He observed that the armies loyal to the Crown, as well as those fighting for independence, were wearing the same colors, which were yellow and red of Spain.

After coming to this conclusion, Belgrano designed a new flag that included the same colors as the one flown by the Criollos during the May Revolution of 1810. Even though the flag of Argentina is easily one of the most recognizable in the world, its original design was quite different from the one that is used today. The original flag had two vertical stripes, one of which was blue and the other white. On February 27, 1812, the flag was flown for the first time on the Batera Libertad, which was located along the Paraná River.

National Flag Day in Argentina timeline


The celeste-white-celeste horizontally striped flag is said to have been thought up during the British invasion of Buenos Aires.

Hoisting the Flag

The celeste-white-celeste horizontal striped flag is hoisted for the first time by General Manuel Belgrano.

Gaining Independence

Argentina proclaims independence from Spain on July 9.

The Sun of May

As a nod to the day when the sun famously shone through the clouds, the golden Sun of May is placed in the flag’s center on February 25.

National Flag Day in Argentina FAQs

What does Argentina’s flag represent?

There are three distinct elements represented on the flag: clouds, sky, and the sun.

What does the color blue on the Argentina flag represent?

White clouds emerging through an opening in the blue sky were the inspiration for the colors. During the 1810 liberation demonstration, this is alleged to have happened.

What was interesting about General Manuel Belgrano?

Belgrano had several careers, including being an economist, a lawyer, a politician, and a military leader. He also appears on Argentina’s 10 peso bill.

National Flag Day in Argentina Activities

  1. Hoist the flag

    The Argentinian flag is hoisted in many places, including residences and businesses, on this day. You can participate by hoisting the flag outside your home or business for the day.

  2. Visit Argentina

    Day celebrations in Argentina take place at a particular spot: the National Flag Memorial (also known as the ‘Monumento Nacional a la Bandera’). This memorial can be found in the city of Rosario, which is located in the province of Santa Fe. This is the location where the flag was first hoisted over two artillery batteries on the famous Paraná River.

  3. Learn the history

    Argentina and its flag have a very rich history. You can take today to learn more about it.

5 Interesting Facts About The Argentinian Flag

  1. The designer

    The flag was designed by General Manuel Belgrano during the country’s independence struggle.

  2. The Sun of May

    Argentina’s independence movement was sparked in May of that year when the Sun of May appeared on the national flag.

  3. Symbolic

    The Sun of May is a symbol of the ancient sun god Inti, who was worshiped in Inca culture.

  4. Inspiration

    The flag has inspired other Central American states such as Nicaragua, El Salvador, Uruguay, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

  5. Anthems

    Three anthems have been written for the flag.

Why We Love National Flag Day in Argentina

  1. It’s a public holiday

    It is a public holiday, meaning that everyone has a day of rest from work and school. The day can be spent however we like.

  2. Celebrations

    Several celebrations take place on this day. We can visit relatives and friends to enjoy the occasion together.

  3. Remembrance

    National Flag day in Argentina gives citizens the opportunity to remember General Manuel Belgrano by mourning and celebrating him.

National Flag Day in Argentina dates

2022June 20Monday
2023June 20Tuesday
2024June 20Thursday
2025June 20Friday
2026June 20Saturday

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