February 21st holidays

February 21st is the fifty-second day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day Steve Fossett became the first person to cross the Pacific Ocean in a balloon; major figures in the Watergate scandal were sentenced to prison, and The New Yorker published its first issue. Famous February 21st birthdays include Nina Simone, David Foster Wallace, and Anais Nin. Today is National Sticky Bun Day.

We have 7 holidays listed for February 21.


National Pancake Day

Nothing like a fluffy batch of Pancakes drizzled with lots of butter and syrup.


National Sticky Bun Day

What goes better with coffee than something a little sweet, nutty and possibly oozing with caramel?


Card Reading Day

The memories and sentiment linger on even with the yellowing of the paper.


Fat Tuesday

Prepare your beads as we join in on the New Orleans celebrations.


Language Day

Let us all work together to save many of the world's endangered languages and historical heritage.


Mardi Gras

It's Mardi Gras time, arguably one the best celebrations in the world.


Tsagaan Sar

Get ready to bring in the best of luck this Mongolian Lunar New Year.